Ritual with an initiated student of Madonna “MILLION OPPORTUNITIES”

This ritual was known to seven civilizations that built pyramids, temples, and labyrinths: Maya, ancient Egypt, Indian Temples, and Stonehenge.

The temple priestess Madonna has been making pilgrimages to holy places for several years to get initiated into this rite to help people find themselves, their way, a way out of difficult situations. The time has come when - the rite of “MILLION OPPORTUNITIES” will be open to all who want to change their lives!

If you feel that your life is at a dead end, that you deserve many times more happiness, love, health, know this: this ritual is for you! An enlightened Priestess or her dedicated disciples, with the help of an ancient symbol and chanting of mantras will lift you to the heights of Spirit, you will soar like a bird seeing the labyrinth of your destiny you will be able to find the way out! You will find the power to create your Temple of Luck, Love, which will stand for centuries and bring happiness to your family and the whole world! You will see and most importantly have the power for a Million possibilities in your life. Huge talents - clairvoyance, clairvoyance - will begin to open up so that you can realize your dreams. Your loved ones will appreciate and thank you, your work will bring you joy and success. Everything in your life will change for the better! And always, when you need help in making choices, you will be able to see a million possibilities and make the best choice leading to success! 

You will be given the ancient symbol of supreme cosmic harmony that makes up everything. It creates Luck, Harmony, and Success in everything it is depicted on. And this symbol the Temple Priestess is ready to give to you, dear Soul! Your mission is to create Peace in the whole World and your Kin!


  1. A blank sheet of paper and a pen.
  2. The element of white in the garment
  3. A glass or bottle of water

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