Healing Cosmic Womb with Priestess Madonna - May 19th, 2022

🕛 May 19 at 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. (FREE)
🌍 USA San Diego (California)
Energetic ethno-practices of Temple yoga are waiting for you!
💥 What is the lineage karma of the womb and how to purify it, how to start living your destiny
💥 Healing from heavy memories of fate, reshaping Karma through Gyud Practices
💥 Sound - Vibration massage, cleansing the channels of the body "Cosmic sound of your womb"

We also offer Amulets of Power, rituals and one-on-one sessions during our events. Consider taking an extra $50 with you to make this event a life-changing experience!

Also take with you: yoga mate, water, scarf and dress!

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