Rhythms of the Universe - Show Madonna

🕛September 27, 2022

⏲️ONLINE, 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

This program has 4 parts:

💥 Broken Glass Show: The event will open with the art of the broken glass dance. This is a performance to help all participants feel the power within. Madonna brings this dance for the purpose of sharing the vision and knowledge that anything is truly possible when we believe in our lives, abilities, and potential. You will dive into another dimension of healing art.

💥 Rhythmic Trance dance ""4 Elements"": An interactive trance dance of the 4 elements, a journey to the rhythms of the Universe. Movements in this trance will awaken the qualities of all the elements, as well as the ability to wield and control the elements.

💥 Healing Sounds: Special instruments will be played to create different vibrations. This music offers everyone a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the energies of the new age and will help to get rid of all the repressed emotions and negative beliefs that people may have.

💥 "Gyud" Relaxation and Energy Code Activation: Using her voice, Madonna will guide people to relaxation. This is when the real magic happens, when the Priestess helps install “settings” of a new consciousness that will help people begin to control their thoughts and enter a state of flow. New energy will be installed through the subconscious.

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